Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Good Week....

It's been an interesting week.
A little knitting....

This is Drift coming up rather beautifully in burnt orange.

A little bread making .....

An easy bread recipe that even I can't mess up! 

3 cups flour / 3 tsp yeast / 3 tsp sugar / 1 tsp salt / 300ml luke warm water
Mix well and knead.
Cover with clingwrap and leave for 30 mins.
Knead again.
Place on greased tray and brush with beaten egg.
Bake at 180 for 30 mins.

A little gift giving .....

Two washcloths made from Vinnis Serina for a good friend.

And finally......
.....a little tractor driving by YC (Youngest Child) on above friend's farm.....

Simple pleasures.
Life is good.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

One Shade of Grey!

Goodness it's been a while but enough of that! I just wanted to show you my latest finished WIP. Actually I finished it a couple of weeks ago but have only just taken pics ....

I needed something for those "in-between" days when it's too cold not to have a sweater but too warm for long sleeves. I wanted cables (natch) but I also wanted something that wouldn't drain my brain whilst I was making it. This was perfect.

The pattern is on Ravelry here so pop over and download it. I think it's one of those items that I'll make again and again (perhaps with cable variations) and will become a firm favourite in my wardrobe!

I love the pattern detail ....

the collar ....

and those cables ....

Currently on my needles is Vertex which I'm doing in a burnt orange. It's coming up beautifully but it's slow progress ..... I'm not good at straight stocking stitch .... I tend to fall asleep!!!

Other news is that we've finally sold our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The YAY cannot be loud enough I can assure you!! Come December we'll be moving about 40kms down the road to a little town where my boys are at school so no more long commute. It will be sad to leave the countryside but I'll be so pleased to be near shops, doctors, vets and general civilisation!!!

Til soon.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My House In Africa ....

Lots on the needles at the moment but just thought I'd show you some pics of my garden that I took recently. We inherited a new (and rather posh) camera a few months ago and I've been playing ....

Wood Cabin

Wood Cabin 2



Wood store

Winter sky

View of the valley

I hope you enjoyed them.
Til soon.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Loving Linney

As part of my 12 in 12 endeavour I decided to make a jersey for my bestest friend who lives in the UK. We've known each other since high school and because we live so far away from each other I've missed out on buying her lots of birthday and Christmas pressies. Hence the jersey. I sent her a few patterns and she chose this ....

It's called the Linney Cardigan and it's by Amy Christoffers who is a favourite designer of mine. She wanted dark blue but the closest I could find in an Aran weight was a smokey blue/grey. Not much choice in Aran with a climate like ours!

I started the cardi back in April and knitted the whole thing before I realised it was going to be waaaay too long for my friend who is very small and petite. The sleeves were fine but I had to frog the back and front and redo them. Hey ho ... my fault for not checking halfway through....

Eventually though I finished it again, sewed it together and found suitable buttons. Here it is ...

You can find it here on my Ravelry page.
I'm really hoping she'll like it ....
Til soon.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Miss Potter's Shawl

Do you remember recently I was whittering on about shawls and Miss Potter? Well, I put hook to yarn and made this ....

I've called her Miss Potter and I have to say that I'm rather proud of her as she was completely random with very little planning and just flew off the hook! The colours are all favourites of mine and altho I think the blue is a tad bright, in general I think they all work pretty well together.

The edging is just a shell cluster which keeps to the simplicity of the shawl. I didn't want to go with anything too fancy after all, this is a shawl designed for tramping across the Lake District.... or at least around my garden looking for kindling!

I used Vinnis Serina which is a locally produced 100% bamboo yarn. The drape is fantastic and the colour range second to none. You can see it here. I've worked with this yarn for quite a few projects now and it really is stunning. I have a feeling there'll be a few more of these shawls coming off the hook pretty soon. Here's a last look at Miss Potter draped across the back of a chair just waiting to be worn. My beauty.....

I've put up her details on my Ravelry page so please pop over and have a look. She was really easy and a joy to make!

Til soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just found this ....

I'm meant to be working but I'm not ... am trawling Pinterest instead. It's a dangerous thing to do. I thought - "I'll just have a look for 5 mins whilst drinking my coffee" but that was an hour ago....

I found this.

Is it not perfect? For a colourholic like me, that much colour in one space could ONLY make me smile every time I saw it! No matter the weather, wouldn't you just have to smile?

If you're as keen as I am to make it, here's the link: Flower Valance Pattern

It made my day.
Til soon.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dreaming of shawls....

More and more I find myself thinking about shawls. There is a lovely moment in "Miss Potter" when she is leaving her cottage and deftly swings a shawl around her shoulders. It's such a natural movement, as though the shawl becomes a part of her the minute it touches her shoulders.

But do shawls fit in with modern life?  I must admit I would love to think that I could wear one whilst sitting on our verandah on chilly evenings drinking a glass of red wine or a cup of steaming coffee whilst listening to the sounds of an African night ....but I never do that. Like most people, once the kids are in bed I flop down in my favourite armchair in front of the tv and veg out until bed time. Would a shawl be needed then? I think not.

I also have visions of myself walking along a windy beach with a wonderful lacy creation draped around my shoulders but again, we only see the beach once a year and being in South Africa, even the wind is warm! I suppose I could make one just for our annual beach holiday, but it seems a little extreme.

So why do I hanker after a shawl? I have no real purpose for one and really don't know when I'd wear one. It would probably end up being shoved in the top of my wardrobe and would never see the light of day, but still I yearn .....

I guess I just want to be Miss Potter if only for one imaginative moment, so I will make a shawl one day. Perhaps I'll keep it for solitary moments when I can drape it around my shoulders and pretend I'm her, striding across the fells in sensible shoes with the wind in my hair.

Perhaps I'll just hold it in my hands and think back to a time when cell phones didn't exist and children played outside. When life was physically hard but oh so simple.

Perhaps then it's not the shawl I'm after but the world in which Miss Potter lived.
Never say never ....